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This summer McDonald’s Japan is introducing the HOT and COOL lines for their summer promotion they’re calling Mac Fes. On the HOT side there’s the standard spicy fare like the Habanero Ranch Chicken/Beef burgers that have been enjoyed by other countries for the past few years and Mighty Wings making their appearance in the land of the rising sun. 

The big news is that McDonald’s Japan is introducing for the first time their take on the BLT.

There’s also a refreshing melon/midori shake as well.

For breakfast there’s a new hotcake which comes with a side of corn (I don’t get it either) and both milk and strawberry chocolate pens to draw your own decorative smiley face to brighten up your summer.

McDonald’s Arabia’s World Cup promotion’s kinda weird, but the food’s awesome.


McDonald’s arabia is doing a world cup promotion with burgers inspired by various favorites in the world cup. One of the thing’s you’ll notice is that there’s 2 different versions of the same commercials clearly geared towards different ethnicities. Lets start with the first one which is the Italian Chicken Burger:


Weird, eh? This isn’t uncommon in the UAE where things are both geared towards Saudi Arabian audiences and immigrant worker audiences. Here’s the french one from a little while back:

A bit bizarre, right? Here’s the Brazillian theme burger that came out before the french themed one:

Weird eh?

McDonald’s Japan is going avacado crazy!

Apparently they’re celebrating summer by including new avacado versions of classics on a ciabatta roll.

First up is the Avacado burger with avacado, onions, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

Next up are the chicken and ebi patty sandwiches with avacado and a pepper sauce.

Last are the new Basil McNuggets which is served with a tomato and herb sauce (basically a marinara sauce.

Awesome stuff.

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